About Us

We believe that vibrant organizations matter. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many businesses to think about their product and services and how they can become more relevant with the "new normal."  Faith-based organizations are just one industry that has been impacted the hardest.  However, there is great news; members are coming back to the physical church stronger than ever! 

The team of Stewardship Consultants at NCS Solutions came up with the idea of introducing a low-cost boxed set of envelopes to new customers. E-Z Boxed Sets is an affordableable solution for giving through weekly envelopes, it's that simple.  We have been helping churches and charities grow their fundraising efforts and advance a stewardship way of life. Our mission is to help our customers build a vibrant community, one member at a time, one donation at a time.


Check back often, as all of our products and services are designed for today’s members. Our easy-to-use solutions grow stronger communities.